Buckfast KB

Buckfast KB

“The heritage of Brother Adam”

brat-adam-w-pasieceKarl Kehrle (3rd August 1898 – 1st September 1996) known as Brother Adam, was a Benedictine monk, beekeeper and an authority on bee breeding. He developed Buckfast bee. Brother Adam did not developed Buckfast bees only for himself. We feel honored that we have an opportunity to continue breeding of these fantastic bees as well as to continue Brother Adam’s mission.


Keld Brandstrup

keld-brandstrup-he has been breeding bees since 1980. In Denmark, he is a leading Buckfast breeder. He harvests honey from 400 to 500 bee colonies. Nowadays, Mr. Brandstrup is a health inspector and a member of the board of managers in Danish Commercial Beekeepers’ Association. Previously, he was a member of Danish Beekeeper’s Association. Mr. Brandstrup lectures about Buckfast breeding in Europe and North America.

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Buckfast queen bees brought to our apiary are for further breeding. Buckfast queens bred and inseminated in our qpiary are very regarded and highly rated by many beekeepers in Europe and other parts of the wolrd. 425-eWhy queens inseminated in our apiary are thought to be very efficient? The answer is imple. The queens are inseminated in our apiary where we also breed A.M. Ligustica drones. The drones have a huge impact on developing in each crossbreading process. They are purebred, come from breeder and reprodustie queens. According to Brother Adam’s theory, another Buckfast KBL generation is being bred.

Buckfast KB x a.m.ligustica = Buckfast KBL