Kaukaska – a.m. caucasika

A.M. CAUCASICA- The yellow Caucasian bee


“I was looking for them everywhere… and finally found them in France.”

Caucasian bees have been bred for 7 years in France. We have chosen the best units for further breeding that are resistant to any pathogenic factors.

The bees form strong and large colonies. Early development in the spring and willing passing to supers are some of their most important advantages. The level of aggression is rated for 3 per 10 point scale. However, if the weather is good, bees completely do not pay a special attention to beekeepers. The length of their tongue accounts for 6,5 to 6,9 mm.

We want to know how they do in the winter and how they develop until the end of May. If everything goes well, we will be seriously considering breeding these bees in our apiary.