Queen Bees from ” Pasieka Cegiełko-A.M.Ligustica”

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Our offer for queen bees in 2017:


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Apis Mellifera Ligustica Regine.

These are bred from A.M. LIGUSTICA queen bees for further breeding. Race pureness is determined by complex morphometrical examination that is followed by Skrzydlak® examination (FR. Morphométrie Geometrique) (computer exam. of queen bees’ wings)

A.M. Ligustica Regine has been considered to be an official breeding line of our apiary. Using this term is restricted and concerns only queen bees that are bred in “Pasieka Cegiełko A.M. Ligustica”.

  • uninseminated queen bee – 7,5 €

  • naturally inseminated queen bee – 25 €

  • reproductive queen bee – 100 € (the amount of queens is limited, the order of shipping depends on the order of payments. Reproductive queen bees are sent after checking if they are able to lay eggs),

  • breeder queen- x (currently unavailable)

    Breeder Queens are necessary for every queen breeding apiary. They are claimed to be breeder queens after receiving a purebred certification that is based on morphometrical and Morphométrie Geometrique examines on worker bees that are bred from these queens. Breeder Queens are signed in breeding register ( pure-bred breeding animals herd book) and they are used to breed reproductive queen bees.

    WARNING! Artificially inseminated queen bees- reproductive and breeder queens can be purchased in nucs where they start laying eggs, by prior arrangement. In this case, additional costs such as: shipment costs, transport box cost, 50zł for each frame that is settled by bees are added. The amount of frames depends on the nuc size. The nucs are created on 360 x 260 mm frames.

Imported queen bees’ (Buckfast KB & SuperBee) daughters:

– one day living queen bee – 7,5 €
– naturally inseminated queen bee – 25 €


Imported queen bees’ (A.M. Caucasica from France) daughters:
They were implemented to our offer on request of many beekeepers. One day living queens are going to be sold when we know the usable values of these queens in hybrids different from A.M. Ligustica. As of today, we have overwintered only 10 A.M. Caucasica x A.M. Ligustica queens.

-naturally inseminated bees – 25 €

Hybrid queen bees bred from reproductive ones (A.M. Ligustica x different race):

-hybrid queens for commodity apiaries,
-hybrid queens for apiaries that sell nucs,
-hybrid queens for apiaries that produce royal jelly.

Hybrid queens:

-uninseminated – 7,5 €
-naturally inseminated – 25 €

We accept orders via e-mails (PLACE AN ORDER section, on our website). The order is confirmed after you receive an e-mail reply with the acknowledgement of your order. Unfilled order forms will not be realised. You may also place a phone order. Approximate order schedule will be determined in April.


Contact person: Beata Cegiełko +48 697-206-993 Poland

We reserve the right to choose our customers.

Facebook : Apis Mellifera Ligustica PL , Apiary



Nucs for reproductive queen bees are available only by prior arrangement. The amount of frames depends on the nucs size.

Nucs with hybrid queens are fully reserved for regular customers from previous years. They became reserved during the realisation of orders from previous season.

mapa-wysylek-1 In 2016 A.M. Ligustica and Buckfast KB were being sent to apiaries all over the Europe. However, not to all countries. We really hope that it would change.






gdzie-wysylac We hope that in 2017 our queens will arrive everywhere. The following map shows, where we can send our goods and where we cannot. zielony We send zolty Shipment is difficultczerwony We do not send







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