SuperBee – Inka


At the beginning, people were thinking that SuperBee Gould be an aggressive bee that form small colonies. However, it is completely conversely.

The bees develop very good, they gather feed that is necessary to overcome winter and they limit the queen in egg laying quite quickly. Bees are being overwintered on 8-9 frames. I cannot wait to see what they show us in the spring.

65c83cb813a43fee20a4fd160fb810e4There are some queen bees in our apiary, as well as in apiaries of our friends. The bees could be treated as “Cypriot Buckfast”, however, SuperBee name obliges to something. I hope they will be worth calling them SuperBees. As it was mentioned above, the bees are not aggressive so it seems to me that working on them would be a fantastic experience and pleasure.

Nevertheless, SuperBees have a strong competition in our apiary. If they do not do well in the season, they will have to leave our apiary. Fortunately or not, only the finest bees find their place in our apiary .